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Secretaries Desk #1

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

After each committee meeting, we will share some of the key highlights for our members, the minutes are always available to read, but here is a snapshot of the big hitters from the meeting.

Turf, Trial and Team Changes

2022 promises to be an exciting year. Talks with the Warrnambool City Council continue about our turf replacement, Changes to team gradings and JCC & JSC trials on the horizon.

We are anticipating an announcement this year from the council in regards to our pitch replacement. With it nearing 15 years of age, 5 years past it's recommended use-by date, we all agree that something needs to happen sooner rather than later.

At a recent meeting between the council and our Executive Pitch Replacement committee, it all sounded positive for something to happen in this years budget. With the Commonwealth Games possibly heading to Victoria, it would be exciting to think we could get a pitch replacement worthy of a national team home base and training camp.

Team Gradings for 2022

In 2022 we will be moving our junior age groups to align with the Hockey Victoria program. This will mean each club can enter u13, u15 & u18 teams in the junior competition.

This is being done, not only because it makes sense to align them with our governing body, but also to fill the gap we had between the u16 and senior teams. Not everyone who turns 17 is ready to play seniors so this will enable those who need it a bit more time to gain confidence and enhance their skills ready for senior competition.

Vacant Committee Positions

We currently have a couple of spots empty on the Committee Roster for 2022 and we would love to hear from anyone interested in helping out.

We have spots to fill in the Canteen, Social Coordinator, Umpire Coordinator & Senior Coordinator. The first three are pretty important and we're keen to get them filled as soon as we can. Anyone interested can contact either President Paul Dillon or Secretary Mark Bridge for details.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at or we can catch up around the grounds during the year. Stay well everyone.

Mark Bridge

WDHA Secretary

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