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Season 20.1 Reboot & 2021

At the recent WDHA Annual general Meeting a proposal was put up in regards to what our 2021 season might look like, and we are interested in your thoughts.

It has been suggested that we play the season in 2 parts.

Part 1, which would run for 12 weeks from February 27th through until a Grand Final day on 19 June. This would be a Season Reboot. Let's call it Season 20.1 and use it as a way for our members and their friends to get back into hockey, have some fun and play a reduced game in a 9-side format. This will allow for those playing cricket to finish up and for everyone else to get back onto the pitch and have some fun. Hopefully introduce some new players along the way.

Part 2 will be Season 2021. Again, held over 12 weekends with 3 double-header rounds and running for all of term 3 basically, 12 July to Grand Final day on September 18th. This would be a traditional 11-side comp and we'd also like to introduce a masters competition (35yo + for us older and returning players) which would be determined by interest and numbers. It could be mid-week or weekends but the players will decide that.

We would like to hear your thoughts on having the two seasons, the make up of the competition and any constructive feedback on how you think the season could run. Game times are not locked in yet but they will be similar to previous years and will depend on the travel requirements with some of our teams.

Replies can be sent to

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